Terminator – Run Multiple GNOME terminals in one window

by Manoj 2012-07-06 14:43:58

Linux lovers mostly love to spend time in Terminal.

Key Features of Terminator

>>Arrange terminals in a grid
>>Drag and drop re-ordering of terminals
>>Lots of keyboard shortcuts
>>Save multiple layouts and profiles via GUI preferences editor
>>Simultaneous typing to arbitrary groups of terminals

How to Install Terminator?

1. Just open your linux terminal and type the following,
sudo apt-get install terminator
yum install terminator

2. After installation open Terminator

List of Shortcut Keys for Terminator:

>>Press Shif+Ctrl+O to split the terminal by horizontal.
>>Press Shift+Ctrl+E to split the focused terminal by vertical.
>>Press Alt+UP to focus on above terminal.
>>Press Shift+Ctrl+E to split the focused terminal by vertical.
>>Focus the terminal below Alt+Down
>>Focus the terminal left Alt+Left
>>Focus the terminal above Alt+Up
>>Focus the terminal right Alt+Right
>>Please, Shift+Ctrl+T two times to create 2 new terminals.
>>Switch to the previous TAB Ctrl+PageUP
>>Switch to the next TAB Ctrl+PageDOWN
>>Press Shift+Ctrl+I to create new window.
>>Close window Shift+Ctrl+Q
>>Press Shift+Ctrl+Q to close the focused window.
>>Close terminal Shift+Ctrl+W
>>Increase font size Ctrl++
>>Decrease font size Ctrl+-
>>Press Ctrl++ (Ctrl button with + button) few times to increase the font size and press Ctrl+- (Ctrl button with – button) to decrease the font size.
>>Press Ctrl+0 (Ctrl button with zero button) to restore the font to original/normal font size.
>>Resize the terminal DOWN Shift+Ctrl+DOWN
>>Resize the terminal LEFT Shift+Ctrl+LEFT
>>Resize the terminal RIGHT Shift+Ctrl+RIGHT
>>Resize the terminal UP Shift+Ctrl+UP
>>You re-size you focused terminal to DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and UP. Just press and hold the Shift+Ctrl button and followed by DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and UP arrow button to resize the terminal.
>>Press F11 to resize the terminal into full screen.

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