301 Redirect Map

by silvia 2014-09-30 22:43:09

If your redesign a site, you need to create a 301 redirect map. If you launch without 301 redirect, you will lose the traffic. So only way to preserve the traffic is through 301 redirect strategy.

Seo can map the redirects by following these four steps.

1. Gather the url's of new site design and the original urls's form the old site.
2. Compare both the url's by placing the url's side by side in the excel sheet.
3.Map the url's by finding the common words between the url's and match the old one with the new.
4. After completing the full 301 redirect map, handover it to developers for implementation.

Test your site :

1.Google webmaster tool is used to check the problematic redirects.
Login to the google webmaster tools and select your site -> click crawl and crawl errors -> in the display click "not found".

Not found report provides you the tabulation of all the pages.
to check individual 404 error, you can download the entire chart.

2. To audit the 301 redirects you can use the tool screaming frog
Upload all old url's -> always follow redirects (configuration -> spider -> advanced) run the report.

The process of implementing 301 is time consuming process and its essential too.

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