Practical Implementation in MATLAB for secure video tracking based on biometric process!!!

by barkkathulla 2012-10-02 19:32:56

Steps involved in composite secure biometric

Biometric----------Information science+biology….

Going to form secure Human identification…
A Human face recognition is a computerised automatic verifying a person from a digital photos or still or videos. It does that by comparing sthe features of human faces in the live image and its relavant facial database.Its a huge research process for researchers.It having complexity and secure process.
STEP1: How to get image from database…

InputImage=imresize(InputImage,[200 180],'bilinear')

STEP2:Checking of input signal…
Then the main menu of the program can be seen.
STEP3:Selecting Image……
By pressing ‘1’ a window will show for next process. The supported format of the image is jpeg format.Here the targeted image will be appear.The internal softwares forms photo views. Face detection can be made whether all image forms having the equal size.
Images are represented by matrix operations all of them must be a square matrix in equal consideration. First the image is transferred to grayscale by eliminating the hue and saturation while luminance. After this, the size of the image will be undergo for sampling. Format is 250/250.
Upcoming records…
The software will choose immediate response with ID number in human faces.If the database is null, the first image will be a first ID. By adding second image,it will incremented and shows the second person.

One of these databases are ID.Dat.If the person’s ID is 3 then it choose “3.Dat” The second one will be explained in ID source part.Then this consideration corresponding led to turn in “y”.
STEP4: Extracting ID Information…
By selecting 3 we can see the next data with all relavant details.else will see “database is empty” message format.
STEP5:Face sensing….
[Here for testing i take four of my friends image...]

If the new face does not exist at the database then, the software warns you about it but shows the similar person stored in the database.
Deleting the Databases
While this action it confirms the nextsession to delete databases or not. If you type “y” the database will be deleted.

STEP6:Mean Face and Eigenfaces
Typing “7” at the main menu will show the eigenfaces and the average of faces recorded. There must be at least 2 faces inside the database. Here you can see the eigenfaces .

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Its very useful for developing biometric coding implementation...further needs other process


I want the details about algorithm used in this example...with relavant details


independent component analysis The reason is it takes more than 94 percentage of face extraction parameter so it is best suited for this research than other