Shortcut Keys for efficient browsing

by rajesh 2007-05-15 11:42:57

The following are some of the short cut keys that will help you in having a efficient and easy browsing using Firefox Browser

After opening a browser window
Ctrl + N : Pressing Ctl+N (control and N) will open new browser window.

Ctrl + T : Pressing Ctl+T (control and T) will open new tabbed browser window.

Ctrl + W : Pressing Ctl+W (control and W) will close browser windows.

Ctrl + L or F6 : Pressing Ctl+L (control and L) or F6 will take the cursor to location/address bar.

Ctrl + K : Pressing Ctl+K (control and K) will make the cursor point move to search bar.

Tabbed Browsing:
Ctrl + tab or Ctrl + PageDown : When you have many tabbed windows open. Pressing Ctl+tab (control and tab) or Ctrl + PageDown will move to the next tabbed window.

Ctrl + Shift + tab or Ctrl + PageUp : When you have many tabbed windows open. Pressing Ctl+Shift+tab (control,shift and tab) or Ctrl + PageUp will move to the previous tabbed window.

Ctrl + (1-9): Pressing Ctrl+1 moves to first tab in the opened tabs. This holds good up to 9.

Ctrl + F or /(slash) or F3 : Pressing Ctl+F (control and F) or / (slash) will help you find/search for keywords as you type.

'(Apostrophe) : Pressing ' (Apostrophe) will help you find/search for link as you type.

Alt + N or Ctrl + G or F3 : After starting the search by using Ctrl+F you can use Alt+N or Ctrl+G to move to the next position of the word or to find the word again.

Alt + P : After starting the search by using Ctrl+F you can use Alt+P to move to the previous position of the word.

Ctrl + B : Pressing Ctl+B (control and B) will help open bookmarks tab in sidebar. Pressing the same keys again will remove the bookmarks sidebar.

Ctrl + D : Pressing Ctl+D (control and D) will help you bookmark the page you are currently viewing.

Ctrl + H : Pressing Ctl+H (control and H) will open browing history in sidebar. Pressing it again will remove the sidebar.

Ctrl + +(plus) : Pressing Ctl++ (control and Plus sign) will increase the font size of every texr in the browser page.

Ctrl + -(minus) : Pressing Ctl+- (control and Minus sign) will reduce the font size of every text in the browser page.

Ctrl + =(equals) : Pressing Ctl+= (control and Equals sign) will bring back the font to original size.

Ctrl + Enter : Use tab to select the url and Pressing Ctl+Enter (control and Enter) will open url source in new window.

Ctrl + U : Pressing Ctl+U (control and U) will open page source in new window.

F11 : Pressing F11 will show the page in full screen mode. Pressing it again will bring the page to normal view.

Ctrl+R or F5 : Reload current page.

Ctrl+Shift+R or Ctrl+F5 : Usually html files are cached in the browser cache and reloading the page fetched data from cache. Ctrl+Shift+R fetches the data directly from the server bypassing the cache.

Ctrl+J : Opens Downloads dialog.

Ctrl + O : Open a local file.

Ctrl + S : Save page as a local file.

Ctrl + P: Print page.

Alt + Left or Backspace : Move Back or move to the previous visited page.

Alt + Right or Shift + Backspace : Move Forward.

Alt + Home : Open home page.

Ctrl + M : Open new message in integrated mail client.

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