Removing virus from CD

by Sanju 2009-02-09 19:21:30


In some cases there may be a virus in our computer.

While copying some files from that computer to CD the virus may be copied to the CD.
It will then be traveling to every single PC the CD is opened in.
Even though we can not remove it we can replace it.

In this case,

> if it is a read and writable CD we will delete the file.

> if it is readable CD we will not use the virus affected CD or we will break and through the CD.

The best solution to use the virus affected CD is to replace the virus file.

For example:

If the virus file name is test.exe which is in CD.

Just create a dummy file with 0MB as test.exe in local computer and copy & replace that file in CD.

This may be the solution.....

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