Blocking images in the PHPbb forums

by Vijay 2007-11-20 10:26:37


PHPBB is one of the most used forums and when posting there's option to post a image with the specified url . The PHPBB code used for that is [img][> tag , the spammers use this option to post illegal and porn pictures in the forum.

To avoid this you have to block the HTML code in the forum and in addition to that you have to remove the PHPBB code [img].

For this if you are owner of the site then

open the file "/public_html/templates/template_name/bbcode.tpl"

'template_name' will be the name of the template you are using.

find the phrase '<!-- BEGIN img -->' and then delete all the content between this phrase and the '<!-- END img -->'.

Save it and then upload again this file to the server.

Now when you are using the [img] bbcode the image will not be displayed , instead the content you've typed will be displayed

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