copying formula to entire row with fixed cell reference

by rajesh 2009-03-04 18:00:41

I always have had difficulty in copying formula to many cells or for every cell in a row with fixed cell reference in that forumla,

for example:

I have formula in cell B3 as = B1+C3
so when i copy cell B3 and paste it in B4 the forumla will become B2+C4
but I want the B1 cell to be the same in every formula (fixed cell reference)
i.e B4 = B1+C4
B5 = B1+C4

until today I use to edit it manually, (lazy to spent few min to read)

But it is very simple

I just have to use $ for the row and column identity that should stay fixed

B3 = $B$1+C3

now if I copy B3 to B4, the formula of B4 will be

B4 = $B$1+C4

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