tools for Network traffic measurement

by gowtham 2010-02-18 19:33:55

Some of the available tools include:

* Argus processes packets into detailed network flow audit data for operations, performance and security management.
* Cacti allows a user to poll services at predetermined intervals and graph the resulting data.
* Cricket is a tool originally written for WebTV Networks.
* ET/BWMGR by Emerging Technologies Inc is a software product that is like MRTG; capable of gathering statistics and displaying graphs on multi-gigabit networks.
* Exbander Precision by DBAM Systems
* FireBeast is a software firewall that offers bandwidth management and traffic shaping.
* FlowMon by INVEA-TECH is a complete solution for NetFlow monitoring and analyzis including probes up to 10 Gbit/s, collectors and other supervision systems.
* Infosim supports all different network flow technologies such as Netflow, sFlow, jFlow, cFlow or Netstream.
* InterMapper Originally developed for the Macintosh Classic in 1994 by the network manger of Dartmouth College this application uses SNMP, Ping and Netflow to build a graphical network map similar to HP Openview which shows bandwidth usage by port information and protocol. VLAN aware. Supported platforms: MacOS X, Linux and Windows.
* NetLimiter is a traffic monitoring and shaping software for Windows.
* OmniPeek is an end-to-end network monitoring solution, offering support for many packet adapters and remote collectors.
* PRTG runs on Windows, with graphical and web interfaces. It captures packets using Cisco Netflow or packet sniffing or uses SNMP to monitor bandwidth usages.
* PacketTrap Networks - Traffic and Traffic Flow Analyzer
* PathSolutions Switchmonitor Network Performance Monitoring System.
* SecurActive by SecurActive is a Network Behavior Analysis solution with network anomalies detection.
* Sandvine Intelligent Network Solutions measure and manage network traffic using Policy Traffic Switches
* SevOne Network Performance Monitoring System.
* Solana Networks builds Layer 2 and 3 network maps and measures BW as well as QoS
* Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer provides deep visibility into network traffic behavior and trends. Leveraging NetFlow, J-Flow, and sFlow data, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer identifies which users and applications are consuming the most bandwidth.

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