gimp keyboard shortcuts

by Ramya 2010-02-24 12:58:01

gimp keyboard shortcuts(GIMP workspace shortcuts):

Ctrl+n New
Ctrl+o Open
Ctrl+w Close
Ctrl+s Save
Shift+Ctrl+s Save as
F12 Revert
Ctrl+p Print
Ctrl+q Quit
Ctrl+z Undo (Redo is Shift+Ctrl+z)
Ctrl+x Cut
Ctrl+c Copy
Ctrl+v Paste
Shift+Ctrl+v Paste Into
Alt+Backspace Fill with FG color
Ctrl+Backspace Fill with BG color
Ctrl+l Levels
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+l Stretch Contrast
Ctrl+m Curves
Ctrl+b Color Balance
Ctrl+u Hue-Saturation
Shift+Ctrl+u Desaturate
Ctrl+i Invert
d Default Colors
x Switch Colors
Shift+Ctrl+n New Layer
Ctrl+j Duplicate Layer
Shift+Ctrl+] Layer to Top
Shift+Ctrl+[ Layer to Bottom
Ctrl+] Raise Layer
Ctrl+[ Lower Layer
Shift+Alt+] Select Top Layer
Shift+Alt+[ Select Bottom Layer
Alt+] Select Previous Layer
Alt+[ Select Next Layer
Ctrl+e Merge Down
Shift+Ctrl+e Merge Visible
/ Keep Transparency
Shift+= Next Layer Mode
Shift+- Previous Layer Mode
Ctrl+a Select All
Ctrl+d Select None
Shift+Ctrl+i Invert
Ctrl+Alt+d Feather
Ctrl+= Zoom In
Ctrl+- Zoom Out
Ctrl+0 Zoom to Fit Window
Ctrl+Alt+0 Zoom 1:1
Ctrl+h Toggle Show Selection (close enough?)
Ctrl+' Toggle Show Guides
Ctrl+Alt+' Toggle Show Grid
Ctrl+r Toggle Show Rulers
Ctrl+; Snap to Guides
Page Up Scroll Page Up
Page Down Scroll Page Down
Ctrl+Page Up Scroll Page Left
Ctrl+Page Down Scroll Page Right
F5 Tools Dialog
F6 Colors Dialog
F7 Layers Dialog
F8 Image Information
F1 Help
Shift+F1 Context Help
F5 Tools Dialog
F6 Colors Dialog
F7 Layers Dialog
F8 Image Information

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