How to Use Excel Freeze Pane to Lock Excel Columns and Rows

by Sanju 2009-04-17 19:16:25

Excel Freeze Pane

It is sometimes difficult to read and understand very large spreadsheets. When you scroll too far to the right or down, you lose the headings that are located at the top and down the left side of the worksheet.

Without the headings, its hard to keep track of which column or row of data you are looking at.

To avoid this problem use the freeze panes feature in Microsoft Excel. It allows you to "freeze" certain areas or panes of the spreadsheet so that they remain visible at all times when scrolling to the right or down.

Keeping headings on the screen makes it easier to read your data throughout the entire spreadsheet.

For example:
To do this, open your Excel spreadsheet. Select the cell that is below the right-most column heading that you wish to see. Then under the Window menu, select Freeze Panes.

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