HTML Tags that Google Ignores

by Geethalakshmi 2009-04-20 10:26:00


We all want to get first page on Google search results and do a lot of things. There are some HTML attributes that Google pays no attention to when it goes through its crawling process. There may be some exceptions to these rules.

Meta tag keywords and Description:
Google crawler doesn't look your web pages Meta tag key words and their description. But other search engines look for Meta tag keywords and for Meta tag description. Its better to use Meta tag keyword and description.

Comments Tag:
Comments tags are used by designers or web developers in order to understand the code easily. Google search crawler completely ignores the comment tags. It's always better to delete all the comment code before putting web pages on to the server. Comments are very useful; if more then one webmaster is working on the same web page.

Style Tag:
Most of the Websites now a days use a separate CSS file, but it is not possible for webmaster to make a CSS entry for each and every design. Style tags that are present in web pages are also ignored by Google crawler.

Script Tag:
Script tag is used to get advantage of JavaScript in web pages. Script written between the script tags is not useful for Google crawler and it will be ignored completely. Webmasters use JavaScript code to run Applet, AJAX code or any other program that run in a new window.

Duplicate Links:
If your web pages has more then one link for the same web page then Google crawler only count the first one.

Linking points on Same Webpage:
This time of web pages you find when the information on web page is too large and the user may not interested in all the information, so the webmaster creates page that will link to the same webpage points.

Multimedia Content:
Google crawler does not pay attention to images, Flash content, Video and other multimedia content. Text surrounding to any multimedia content is May notice by Google and other search engine crawlers.

Boolean Words:
Words like a, an, the, is, etc don't make any sense for Google crawler. If you are optimizing your website only for Google then don't use these keywords, for other search engine crawlers these keywords may make some sense.

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