Paul Allen No:32 Billionaire 2009

by saranya 2010-03-08 15:49:34

Net Worth:$10.5 bil
Fortune:self made
Source:Microsoft, investments
Country Of Citizenship:United States
Residence:Mercer Island, Washington
Education:Washington State University, Drop Out,
Marital Status:single,

Microsoft cofounder has lost 36% of his fortune in the last 12 months. Washington State dropout founded software giant with buddy Bill Gates in 1975; left in 1983 after Hodgkin's disease diagnosis. Sold off much of his stake to lose huge sums on far-off visions through holding company Vulcan. Microsoft now makes up 25% of his net worth; shares down 40% since September. Also lost big on investment in Charter Communications; cable outfit announced financial restructuring plan in February, chapter 11 filing expected by April 1st. Dabbles in odd tech projects; funding research to scan outer space for signs of intelligent alien life, Allen Institute for Brain Science, which is creating a genetic map of the mouse brain. Guitar fanatic owns a rock 'n' roll museum, Jimi Hendrix artifacts. This spring kicks off inaugural season of his Major League Soccer club Seattle Sounders FC; also owns football's Seattle Seahawks and basketball's Portland Trailblazers.

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