how to fix reinstallation issue?

by Ramya 2009-06-30 19:48:53

Application Reinstallation Issue in Windows:

Sometimes we may face an issue while reinstalling an application like for eg,
"mysqld.exe has encountered a problem",..

What would we do?
We would uninstall that application before reinstalling it,
We would also remove the program by moving to "Add or Remove Program",
We would restart the system,
But we may encounter a problem like the above thing..

Issue will be in our registry entry. In registry some entries wont be removed though we removed from the system. In that we have to follow the things below.

* First Uninstall the application either using uninstall.exe or removing from "Add or Remove Programs",..
* Use registry cleaner to clean your registry. Be careful of doing this as it may clean the application whichever is important to the system. So select before cleaning the registry.
* Move to "Registry Editor". Start->Run->regedit.exe.
* Search for the application using Registry cleaner and move to the path in registry editor.
* Clean or delete that entry from the registry editor.
* Do complete search for that application and remove all those entries.
* Restart your system.
* Now freshly install your application.

Now it will work fine!...

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