Questions for forex broker

by GJSenthil 2010-03-08 08:35:22

1. How long have you been a Forex Broker?

2. In what financial condition is your company? Will you show me your balance sheet?

3. Do you have good relationships with reputable banks?

4. Who is quoting the rates, my broker, a bank, or multiple banks?

5. Are the spreads fixed of variable?

6. How tight are the spreads?

7. Do you offer Fractional Pip Pricing?

8. Are there any trading restrictions?

9. Can I place orders inside the Spread?

10. Can I earn interest on positive rolls?

11. Can I earn positive rolls at all margin levels?

12. Are rollover rates displayed prominently? Where?

13. Does the trading platform allow me to hedge?

14. Can I lose more money then I put into my account?

15. What is the quality and availability of customer service?

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