10 Ways to Avoid Being Blacklisted

by sithurajkumar 2010-03-09 15:33:49

PR Spam: 10 Ways to Avoid Being Blacklisted

Description :
1.) Do not subscribe email distribution service You're just asking trouble Those traditional marketers.
2.) Do not rely press release distribution service probably draw most criticism, but believe if your press release non-specific and boring, then probably shouldn't even press release seems like lazy PR me, and no, I've never used one (The exception: corporate press share holders)
3.) Identify 10 influential journalists, bloggers other media and contact them directly your pitch
4.) If doesn't work, go next 10 most influential
5.) Engage social media before you try use PR tool There's nothing worse than generic spammy marketer trying sell something social network least disguise genuine and give us reason care
6.) Know you pitching Just you read person face-to-face - find their bio, read their work, etc.,
7.) Do not continue send them pitches unless you “invited come front door” Jeff Pulver puts
8.) Don't idiot
9.) Give them they need Don't just send four paragraphs- send link video, images, etc Let them see your pitch topic without having contact you phone, email, skype Try social media release and media does need contact you, make easy
10.) Remember why you're not advertising sales

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