.htaccess enable in windows machine

by Suganya 2008-02-21 09:12:32

How to access .htaccess in a windows machine:

1. First rename the .htaccess file as something like htaccess.fl
2. Then go to httpd.conf of Apache folder, Program Files -> Apache -> conf -> httpd.conf
3. In the httpd.conf file, you may find words inside the directory as example:
By default it will be:
AllowOverride None

Change it as :
AllowOverride All

4. Below that, you may find
AccessFileName .htaccess

change it to:
AccessFileName htaccess.fl

Usually in windows, .files starting will not be considered. so we should change to our convenient name extension and give them here.

5. If you are using any rewrite mod functions, you should uncomment this modules.
Suppose if you are using any rewrite functions, then you should uncomment the below ones:
In LoadModule:

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

and also in ModuleList:

AddModule mod_rewrite.c

By default these modules will be commented.

6. Now restart the apache.

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