Brockovich, Erin

by Geethalakshmi 2010-05-02 21:50:12

Brockovich, Erin

Mr. Masry's office has done an incredible job.
I don't know where he got this stuff,
ferreting out information
for the past several months
that will make your hair stand up on edge.

Walter Lack
January 4, 1994

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) was in trouble. Serious trouble. Four decades after the world's largest utility started dumping 370 million gallons of cancer-causing chemicals into unlined ponds in Hinkley, California, the company's actions had finally been uncovered. Uncovered by Erin Brockovich (a formerly unemployed, single mother of three working in a California law firm) who wanted to know what medical records had to do with a real estate file. What she found out led to the biggest settlement on record for a civil class action lawsuit.

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