Permanent Working capital

by sabitha 2010-05-06 15:38:59

Permanent working capital refers to the minimum amount of all current assets that is required at all times to ensure a minimum level of uninterrupted business operations. Some minimum amount of raw materials, work-in-progress, bank balance, finished goods etc., a business has to carry all the time irrespective of the level of manufacturing or marketing operations. This level of working capital is referred to as core working capital or core current assets. But the level of core current assets is not a constant sum at all the times. For a growing business the permanent working capital will be rising, for a declining business it will be decreasing and for a stable business it will almost remain the same with few variations. So, permanent working capital is perennially needed one though not fixed in volume. This part of the working capital being a permanent investment needs to be financed through long-term funds.

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