Open folder through command prompt

by Rekha 2009-08-27 14:18:56

If you want to open a folder through command prompt,

1)Right click the folder and click Send to Desktop(create shortcut)

2)Now open your folder in the desktop and rename it to any shot name as you wish.

3)Then cut and paste the folder into your C:/WINDOWS.

4)Now open Start->Run->type the shortname of the folder and hit enter.The folder will open.

Another Method:

1) Create a folder on your computer's c:aliases
2) Right click on computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > Click on Path variable and Edit it. while editing, do not delete anything, just at the end of the all path, put a semi colon and write ";c:aliases;"

The step 2 will add aliases in path variable, so u can now run anything placed in this folder just by typing its name in run command or even on DOS prompt

3) Go to aliases folder, right click > New > Shortcut, and create any shortcut with a simple name, and u can run that shortcut simply by typing its short name, hope u like the idea, give it a try.

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