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by Vinoth 2009-08-28 10:50:32

Tata Sky Dish TV Big TV Airtel TV Sun DTH

1599/- 1499/- 1490/- 1750/- 999/-

Picture Quality
9.5/10 9/10 9/10 9.3 8/10

Customer Service
7/10 8/10 8/10 6.5/10 5/10

No Yes Yes Yes Yes

On demand Service
Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Video Recording
Yes No No No No

Max 168(5000/annum) Max 165(275/month)No Details No Details No Details

Value Added Services
8/10 7/10 5/10 5/10 2/10

1.Tata Sky Features

* Uniform volume level across all channels
* Stable set-top-box with less bugs or issues
* Customer service is satisfactory and after-sales support is good
* Joint venture with International DTH Brand,Sky, famous for its exquisite technology
* Exclusive access to some authentic international channels like BBC entertainment, Ceebebies

Product Review:

The constant innovation and technology enhancements by one of the earliest entrants, Tata Sky, are the main reasons behind a very stable set top box.Thus you don't have to worry a lot about maintenance issue associated with the set top box.Another important feature which might not be the customer puller but is of great value is - uniform volume level across channels.This feature by Tata Sky ensures that you don't need to keep playing with volume levels as you surf the channels.I'm sure that people who believe in channel surfing will truly appreciate this feature.

One negative aspect of TataSky is that it has lots of add-on packages even for must-have channels with less number of channels in base package.Though it also helps in customizing the packages and lets you chose and pay for only those you actually need.So if you are planning to go for a DTH service with excellent picture/audio quality and need to get it installed within 24 hours, Tata Sky is the right choice.

2. Reliance BIG TV

Picture Quality: (5 Stars) Cost Effective: (4.5 Stars) Tech./Features: (4 Stars)

Reliance BIG TV Features

* Only DTH with MPEG-4 technology hence can carry more number of channels
* Awesome picture and audio quality
* Lots of channels in base pack hence more cost effective
* Can watch 12 channels at a time on single screen
* Much better performance even if it rains

Product Review:

Reliance BIG TV comes out as the most cost-effective service across all major DTH service providers.The base package comes with large number of channels and on top of that you can select regional package based on your language/regional/cultural preferences.This way you get an option to make a package for you having base package and one of the kannada,malayalam,telugu,hindi/punjabi or oriya/bengali packages.Also we've seen very rare cases of disturbance in cases of rain etc. thus it provides almost flawless picture quality.

The few negative aspects of Big TV include the little bit unstable set top box and 3-4 days waiting time for installation.But with time the stability issue of set top box will go away.So if you are planning to go for a cost-effective DTH service which provides true digital quality and you won't mind waiting for few days, Reliance BIG TV is the best choice.

3. Airtel Digital TV

Picture Quality: (5 Stars) Cost Effective: (4 Stars) Tech./Features: (4.5 Stars)

Airtel Digital TV Features

* Flawless DVD Quality picture and CD quality
* Universal remote which works both with TV and Set top box
* Exclusively offers World-space satellite radio channels
* Sleek and stylish set top box
* Larger dish antenna hence better connectivity

Product Review:

The late entrant in DTH space - Airtel Digital TV - has come up with a completely flawless DVD quality picture and sound.Also while early players were providing different remotes for set top box and television ,which was a big pain for viewer, Digital TV has completely undone that issue by coming up with universal remote.Sleek and stylish look of set top box along with exclusive access to World-space channels add to its clear differentiation from other players.

The biggest negative aspect of Airtel Digital TV is the high cost associated with it.When there are many other players providing lots of channels at a lower price, Digital TV by Airtel stands out as a lot costlier.So if you don't mind paying a premium for supreme quality and exclusive features like World-space, Airtel Digital TV definitely wins the race.


* TataSky is the only DTH which provides uniform volume level across channels.
* BigTV and Airtel Digital TV comes with MPEG-4 technology. This technology helps in carrying more channels in same band space but doesn������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½t affect the picture quality.
* TataSky, DishTV and BigTV are better choice for rainy areas because of bigger antenna size.
* If you are very selective about channels, TataSky is the best fit as it has lots of small packages and add-on packages so that you can customize the package as per your need.
* BigTV stands best if you are worried only about cost per channel. So if you just want to pay least and access maximum channels, Big TV is better choice.
* If you need a DTH with classic look or if you are a music lover and listen to lots of music channels, then you can go for Airtel Digital TV which comes with exclusive access to World-space channels.
* And last but not the least, if you want to start enjoying DTH experience from today, go for TataSky because that������¢���¯���¿���½���¯���¿���½s the only DTH which will be delivered and installed the same day after you place the order.

Tata Sky
Dish TV
Sun Direct
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