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by GJSenthil 2009-09-13 10:29:44

The Hard disk for the personal computer was introduced by Seagate in 1979 where capacity is 5MB only.

The First ever applicant for the website name is Digital Equipment corporation.

The most popular game tetris released in 1989 where it sold for 80 crore dollars.

The First software which transcripts sound into text "Hearsay" developed in India.

The research study of California university says that the data created and stored for a year is 1693000 Terra bytes.

The future Hard Disk will have One crore tracks in a single inch.

The Name JAVA discovered by Sun Micro Systems Engineer James Gosling where the name was created during conversation in coffee shop.

The first ever Internet Service Provider(ISP) is Comp Serv and stared its services in 1969s.

The 12 Engineers who discovered the IBM personal computers are called as "The Dirty Dozen".

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