Tools for working with processes

by Nirmala 2009-09-15 09:38:46

Tools for working with processes

* accton - Turns process accounting on and off. Uses the file /var/log/pacct. To turn it on type "accton /var/log/pacct". Use the command with no arguments to turn it off.
* kill - Kill a process by number
* killall - Send a signal to a process by name
* lastcomm (1) - Display information about previous commands in reverse order. Works only if process accounting is on.
* nice - Set process priority of new processes.
* ps(1) - Used to report the status of one or more processes.
* pstree(1) - Display the tree of running processes.
* renice( 8 ) - Can be used to change the process priority of a currently running process.
* sa( 8 ) - Generates a summary of information about users' processes that are stored in the /var/log/pacct file.
* skill - Report process status.
* snice - Report process status.
* top - Displays the processes that are using the most CPU resources.

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