Faded Heart

by GJSenthil 2009-09-22 23:03:41

Felt Alone

The skies are gray instead of blue
I dont know where to go what to do

My tears flow like rivers from day to day
You are not here to tell me Its Ok

I had to watch you suffer
I had to see your pain

I was always by your side
I went with you all the way

I had to let you go
Although Its hard to do

I dont know how Im going to make it without you
I Kissed you goodbye for the last time that day

Now i have all the hurt and pain
I dont know how to tell you or How to start

For now and forever more we are apart
I LOVE YOU with all my heart

Even though we are still so far apart
I will see you again up above

The sun will be shining and the sky blue
And i will be happy again B coz I ll be with you

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