Winamp Keyboard shorcut keys

by Sanju 2008-03-13 15:56:14

******* KEYBOARD SHORTCUT KEYS (these can be used in most Winamp windows) *******

Key Action
F1 Open Help
Ctrl+F1 About Box
Ctrl+A Toggle Always on Top (N/A in playlist editor and media library)
Ctrl+Alt+A Toggle always on top (playlist editor)
Ctrl+W Toggle Windowshade mode (main window, unless in playlist editor)
Ctrl+D Toggle Doublesize Mode
Ctrl+E Toggle Easymove (only applicable in classic skins)
Ctrl+T Toggle Time Display Mode
Alt+W Toggle Main Window
Alt+E Toggle Playlist Editor
Alt+G Toggle Graphical Equalizer
Alt+V Toggle Video Window
Alt+L Toggle Media Library
Ctrl+Tab Cycle through different Winamp windows
Alt+S Go to Skin selection
Ctrl+P Go to Preferences
Alt+F Open Main Menu
Alt+K Configure current visualization plug-in
Ctrl+Sh+K Start/stop current visualization plug-In
Ctrl+K Open visualization plug-in section of preferences
Ctrl+J Jump to time in current track
J or Keypad . Open jump-to-file box
Ctrl+Alt+N Spawn new Winamp instance
Alt+M Minimize Winamp
Ctrl+H Show recently played files/streams (History Smile


Key Action
R Toggle Repeat
S Toggle Shuffle
Alt+3 Current file info box/tag editor

(playback controls)
Z Previous Track
X Play/Restart/Unpause
C Pause/Unpause
V Stop
Shift+V Stop with Fadeout
Ctrl+V Stop after current track
B Next Track
L Open/Play File
Ctrl+L Open/Play location
Shift+L Open/Play Directory

Left Arrow Rewind 5 seconds
Right Arrow Fast-forward 5 seconds
Up Arrow Turn Volume Up
Down Arrow Turn Volume Down

Keypad 1 Jump Ten Songs Back
Keypad 6 Next Track
Keypad 5 Play/Restart/Unpause
Keypad 4 Previous Track
Keypad 3 Jump Ten Songs Forward
Keypad 7 Rewind 5 seconds
Keypad 9 Fast-forward 5 seconds
Keypad 8 Turn Volume Up
Keypad 2 Turn Volume Down
Keypad 0 Open/Play File
Ctrl+Keypad 0 Open/Play location
Insert Open/Play Directory


Key Action
R Toggle Repeat
S Toggle Shuffle

(file io)
L Add File
Ctrl+L Add Location
Shift+L Add Directory
Ctrl+N New (Clear) Playlist
Ctrl+O Open (Load) Playlist
Ctrl+S Save Playlist
Alt+3 View/Edit Track Info for selected track(s)
Ctrl+E Edit Selected Track Filename(s)
Ctrl+Keypad 0 Add Location
Insert Add Directory

(playlist manipulation)
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+I Invert Selection
Delete Remove Selected Files from Playlist
Ctrl+Delete Crop Playlist
Ctrl+Sh+Del Clear Playlist (same as Ctrl+N)

Alt+Down Arrow Move Selected Files Down
Alt+Up Arrow Move Selected Files Up

Down Arrow Move Cursor Down
Up Arrow Move Cursor Up
Enter Play Selected File
End Jump to End of List
Home Jump to Start of List
Page Up Move up by a fifth of a page
Page Down Move down by a fifth of a page

Alt+Delete Remove missing files from playlist

(playlist sorting)
Ctrl+Sh+1 Sort Playlist by Title
Ctrl+Sh+2 Sort Playlist by File Name
Ctrl+Sh+3 Sort Playlist by File Path and Name
Ctrl+R Reverse Playlist
Ctrl+Sh+R Randomize Playlist

Most main window playback controls also work in the playlist editor.

******* EQUALIZER KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (Classic skins only) *******

Key Action
1 - 0 Increase EQ bands 1-10
Q - P Decrease EQ bands 1-10
` Increase EQ Preamp
TAB Decrease EQ Preamp
N Toggle EQ Enabled
A Toggle EQ Auto-Loading
S Open Presets Menu
Ctrl+S Load Preset

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