Are you bored at office?

by Vijay 2009-10-10 16:34:32

Are you bored at office? Here are some tips to refresh yourself !!!!!

  • Create a small detective agency and find out who is going to leave next from the office.

  • Just give a blank call to your boss

  • Send a mail from your Yahoo id to gmail id and open your gmail immediately and look how long it takes to receive the mail. You can try it in reverse also

  • Just move the other's chair, printer to some other place and make them angry

  • Just count your fingers and if you are bored even after that , then count your fingers on the leg too

  • Look for the facial expressions of your collegues while they work. You will laugh for sure. Change your facial expressions too , then only it will look like you are working...

  • Make your lunch duration as 2 hours.

  • Learn/Practice to whistle

  • Read last week's/month's magazine again

  • Practice to throw your tea cup to the bin from your chair.

  • Just dial to unavailable mobile nos and hear the automated voice.

  • Check how many application you can open in your PC.

  • Delete unwanted files and then visit 'Recycle bin' and restore them. Do this as many times as you wish.

  • Try leaning backwards on your chair as much as possbile ...

  • Very Happy
Very Happy
Very Happy

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