Low Battery Alarm in Windows XP

by Sanju 2009-10-28 17:40:10

Low Battery Alarm in Windows XP

In Laptop when the battery is low we can see a popup message near the battery icon. Sometimes when we are busy at work we cant able to view it.

But if there is any alarm sound when battery is low Exclamation

Yes there is a option to set alarm sound when battery is low in windows xp Surprised

Go to Start/Control Panel/Power Options and look for the "Alarms" tab.

Check the box "Activate low battery alarm when power level reaches..." then adjust the slider. You can keep it around 10%, if you're paranoid keep it higher, or for you daring types, go lower.It's your call.

Next, click the "Alarm Action" button. Here you can choose to have just a display message or an actual sound alarm.

You can also run a program when a battery is low. Just tick "When the alarm occurs , run this program" and select the program using "Configure Program"

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