Dreamweaver 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

by Geethalakshmi 2009-11-01 03:25:37

Dreamweaver 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Keys for Dreamweaver

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Open the file menu.
Ctrl+N / Cmd+NNew document
Open a new document for editing.
Ctrl+O / Cmd+OOpen
Open an existing document for editing.
Ctrl+Shift+O / Cmd+Shift+OOpen in Frame
Open an existing document into the selected frame for editing.
Ctrl+W / Cmd+WClose
Close the current document. If it has not been saved, you will be prompted to save.
Ctrl+Shift+W / Cmd+Shift+WClose All
Close every open document. If some have not been saved, you will be prompted to save each one.
Ctrl+S / Cmd+SSave
Save the current document. If it has never been saved, you will be prompted for a file name.
Ctrl+Shift+S / Cmd+Shift+SSave As...
Save the current document with a new file name.
Ctrl+P / Cmd+PPrint
Print the HTML for the current document.
F12View in Browser
View the page in your primary Web browser.
Ctrl+F12 / Cmd+F12View in Alternate Browser
View the page in your alternate Web browser.
Shift+F8Check Links
Validate the links in the current document.
Shift+F6Validate Markup
Validate the HTML in the current document.
Ctrl+Q / Cmd+QExit
Quit the program and exit.
Open the edit menu.
Ctrl+Z / Cmd+ZUndo
Undo the last change.
Ctrl+Shift+Z / Cmd+Shift+ZRedo
Redo the last undo.
Ctrl+X / Cmd+XCut
Cut the selected text and put it on the clipboard.
Ctrl+C / Cmd+CCopy
Copy the selected text and put it on the clipboard.
Ctrl+V / Cmd+VPaste
Paste the text on the clipboard at the cursor location.
Ctrl+Shift+C / Cmd+Shift+CCopy HTML
Copy the selected HTML and put it on the clipboard.
Ctrl+Shift+V / Cmd+Shift+VPaste HTML
Paste the HTML on the clipboard at the cursor location.
Ctrl+A / Cmd+ASelect All
Select all the text in the window.
Ctrl+[ / Cmd+[Select Parent Tag
Select the containing tag.
Ctrl+] / Cmd+]Select Child Tag
Select the contained tag.
Ctrl+F / Cmd+F Find and Replace
Search within the current document for text and replace it with other text if you choose.
Shift+F3 / Cmd+GFind Selection
Search within the current document for the selected text.
F3Find Next
Go to the next instance of the searched for string.
Ctrl+G / ?Go to
Go to the line number or character position you specify.
Ctrl+Space / Cmd+SpaceShow Code Hints
Display any information available on the tag at the cursor.
Ctrl+Shift+> / Cmd+Shift+>Indent
Indent the selected line(s) one tab space.
Ctrl+Shift+< / Cmd+Shift+<<Outdent
Outdent the selected line(s) one tab space.
Ctrl+Shift+' / Cmd+Shift+'Balance Braces
Align the braces.
Ctrl+U / Cmd+UPreferences
Change your preferences for Dreamweaver.
Open the View menu.
Ctrl+` / Cmd+`Switch Views
Switch between code, design, and code & design views.
F5Refresh Design View
Reload the markup displayed in the design view.
Ctrl+Shift+H / Cmd+Shift+HHead Content
Display the header content while in design view.
F6Expanded Tables Mode
View tables expanded.
Ctrl+F6 / Cmd+F6Layout Mode
View tables in layout mode.
Ctrl+Shift+I / Cmd+Shift+I Hide All Visual Aids
Turn off all visual aids.
Ctrl+Alt+R / Cmd+Opt+RShow All Rulers
Display all rulers on the screen.
Ctrl+Alt+G / Cmd+Opt+GShow Grid
Display grid in design view.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G / Cmd+Opt+Shift+GSnap to Grid
Snap elements to grid.
Ctrl+Alt+P / Cmd+Opt+PPlay Plugin
Play plugin at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+X / Cmd+Opt+XStop Plugin
Stop plugin at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P / Cmd+Opt+Shift+PPlay All Plugins
Play all plugins.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X / Cmd+Opt+Shift+XStop All Plugins
Stop all plugins.
F4Hide Panels
Hide all open panels.
Open the insert menu.
Ctrl+E / Cmd+EInsert Tag
Insert markup tag at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+I / Cmd+Opt+IInsert Image
Insert image at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+F / Cmd+Opt+FInsert Flash
Insert Flash animation at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+D / Cmd+Opt+DInsert Shockwave
Insert Shockwave object at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+T / Cmd+Opt+TInsert Table
Insert table at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+A / Cmd+Opt+AInsert Named Anchor
Insert named anchor at cursor.
Shift+Return / Shift+ReturnInsert Line Break
Insert line break (<br />) at cursor.
Ctrl+Shift+Space / Cmd+Shift+Space or Option+Space in Design View Non-breaking space
Insert a non-breaking space (&nbsp;) at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+V / Cmd+Opt+VInsert Editable Region
Insert editable region for a template at cursor.
Open the modify menu.
Ctrl+J / Cmd+JPage Properties
Modify the properties for the page.
Ctrl+T / Cmd+TQuick Tag Editor
Add a tag quickly in the design view.
Ctrl+L / Cmd+LMake Link
Make the highlighted object a link.
Ctrl+Shift+L / Cmd+Shift+LRemove Link
Remove link from highlighted object.
Ctrl+Shift+1 / Cmd+Shift+1Align Left
Align object left.
Ctrl+Shift+3 / Cmd+Shift+3Align Right
Align object right.
Ctrl+Shift+4 / Cmd+Shift+4 Align Top
Align object at top.
Ctrl+Shift+6 / Cmd+Shift+6Align Bottom
Align object at bottom.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T / Cmd+Opt+Shift+TAdd Object to Timeline
Add element to timeline.
Open text menu.
Shift+F7Check Spelling
Check spelling in document.
Open commands menu.
Ctrl+Shift+X / Cmd+Shift+XStart Recording
Record all commands.
Open the site menu.
Ctrl+Shift+D / Cmd+Shift+DGet
Get all files on remote site and bring them to local drive.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D / Cmd+Opt+Shift+DCheck Out
Check out all files on remote site and bring them to local drive.
Ctrl+Shift+U / Cmd+Shift+UPut
Put all files on remote site from local drive.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U / Cmd+Opt+Shift+UCheck In
Check in all files on local drive and put them on remote site.
Ctrl+F8 / Cmd+F8Check Links Sitewide
Validate all links on the site.
Open the window menu.
Ctrl+F2 / Cmd+F2Insert Menu
Toggle insert window.
Ctrl+F3 / Cmd+F3Properties Menu
Toggle properties window.
Shift+F11CSS Styles
Toggle CSS styles window.
F2Layers Menu
Toggle layers window.
Shift+F4Behaviors Menu
Toggle behaviors window.
Shift+F9Snippets Menu
Toggle snippets window.
Shift+F1Reference Menu
Toggle reference window.
Ctrl+Shift+F10 / Cmd+Shift+F10Databases Menu
Toggle databases window.
Ctrl+F10 / Cmd+F10Bindings Menu
Toggle bindings window.
Ctrl+F9 / Cmd+F9Server Behavior Menu
Toggle server behavior window.
Ctrl+F7 / Cmd+F7Components Menu
Toggle components window.
F8Files Menu
Toggle files window.
F11Assets Menu
Toggle assets window.
F9Tag Inspector Menu
Toggle tag inspector window.
F7Results Menu
Toggle results window.
Shift+F10History Menu
Toggle history window.
Shift+F2Frames Menu
Toggle frames window.
F10Code Inspector Menu
Toggle code inspector window.
Alt+F9Timelines Menu
Toggle timelines window.
Open the help menu.
F1Using Dreamweaver
Help with using Dreamweaver.
Ctrl+F1 / Cmd+F1Using ColdFusion
Help with using ColdFusion.
Reference help for Dreamweaver.

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