The Navagraha (9 Planets) Temple Locations in Tamilnadu

by Geethalakshmi 2009-11-01 16:15:05

The Navagraha (9 Planets) Temple Locations in Tamilnadu

Navagraha Lord

Temple location

Distance and Route

 Suryanar Koil( Temple for Sun)


 18Kms. towards Mayiladuthurai Route (3 Kms. from Aduthurai which is on the Kumbakonam - Mayiladuthurai Road)

 Chandran(Temple for Moon)


 1.5 Kms. from Thirupayhanam which is on the Kumbakonam-Thiruvayyaru Road

 Kujan(Temple for Mars)

 Vaitheesvaran Koil

 4 Kms. from Mayiladuthurai on the Chidambaram Road.

 Budan(Temple for Mercury)


 10 Kms. SouthEast of Sirkali(Sirkazhi)

 Lord Guru ( Temple for Jupiter)


 19Kms towards Mannargudi route or About 15 Kms. from Kumbakonam on the way to NeedaMangalam.)

 Sukran(Goddess Venus Temple)


 21Kms. in Mayiladuthurai route (It is an interior village on the Mayiladuthurai - Kathiramangalam Road.)

 Saneeswaran( Temple for Saturn)


 48Kms - Kumbakonam Karaikkal Route or just on the way to Peralam- Karaikkal route, 5 Kms. from Karaikkal

 Rahu(Temple for Dragon's Head)

(Ascendant node)


 About 8-10 Kms in Kumbakonam Karaikkal route

 Ketu (Temple for Dragon's Tail)

(Descendant note)


 Near Poompuhar - on Mayiladuthurai- Poompuhar road

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