Channa Dal Payasam - Recipe

by Rekha 2010-05-30 01:55:55

Channa Dal Payasam


1/2 cup Split Bengal Gram (Chana)
1 cup grated Coconut
4 tblsp Clarified Butter (Ghee)
1 cup Jaggery
5 crushed Cardamoms
2 tblsp Coconut cut into cubes
5 Cashewnut (Kaju)

How to make channa dal payasam:

* Wash and soak the gram.
* melt a part of the ghee in a pan , add the coconut pieces and fry till golden brown over a medium flame drain, remove and keep aside.
* In the same ghee add the cashew nuts and over a low flame fry till golden brown and keep aside.
* Extract coconut milk by soaking the grated coconut in about half a cup of hot water for 10 minutes and then pass the mixture through a strainer.
* Boil the gram in a sauteuse with just sufficient water to cook the gram.
* When the gram is cooked add the jaggery and the coconut milk.
* Cook till the mixture is thick stirring once in a while so that it does not get burnt.(make sure the mixture does not become very thick, it should be of pouring consistency.).
* Add the remaining ghee and the cardamoms. mix thoroughly.
* Serve garnished with the fried coconut pieces and the cashew nuts.

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