Using air to charge cellphones?

by Geethalakshmi 2008-04-22 18:15:59

Using air to charge cellphones? IIT-Delhi does it!

All you need to charge your mobile is -- air!

Students at the Department of Industrial Design at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi have attached a turbine with a mobile phone that helps charge it even when the user is travelling.

"The electricity generated by the turbine when moved by wind energy could charge a cellphone in an emergency. It generates electricity to the tune of 3 to 4 watts which is sufficient to charge a mobile phone."

The specially designed turbine, which costs about Rs.200 to be developed inside a laboratory, is so small that it could be easily kept in a pocket.

The primary objective of the device is to extend mobile 'connectivity' where there is no electricity. The device also saves energy, though not to a significant extent.

The device is best suited for coastal areas where the wind flows almost continuously.

The technique is not yet commercialized but the department has sent a proposal to the ministry of science and technology to help manufacture the turbine on a large scale.

"The device will help mobile phone users charge their phones while travelling in a bus, a car or a train. All they need to do is -- place the turbine against the wind flow. It will use wind energy to move the turbine thereby generating energy."

The students have also used a spring in the device that can store energy through a handle. It could be used to charge a mobile during power cuts.

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