Ways to Reduce Power Consumption in Office

by Vinoth 2009-12-21 16:25:57

1. Shut Down your computer When you leave from Office
2. Unplug Devices which you are not using, e.g: Fax, Printers Coffee Machine etc. Because these devices require more energy even in standby mode
3. Replace CRT Monitor to LCD Monitor or go for a loptop.
4. Enable Hibernate option for your PC's.
5. Use Solar Energy, Wind Energy. Both domestic wind mills will help to bring energy and its echo friendly system
6. Don't Using Screen Savers for your Disk Top. It will make your computer to work so it will consume Energy
7. If you are using LapTop Turn off your Wireless card if you are not using that feature and reduce the brightness
8. Use Lamps which are consuming less power. Now LED lamp have an Extra edge over other lamps because Its life in Too long and less power consumption.
9. Allow employees to work from Home
10. Make sure that the air conditioner is not exposed to direct sunlight. As it has been observed that a shaded air conditioner consumes 5 % less electricity as compared to those exposed to sunlight.
11. Turn off the AC when the weather is mild. If possible make use of fans instead of air conditioners.
12. Turn Off Lamp.Fan, Ac when not required


Save Money as well as Save our Environment Green

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