Tips to Save Fuel

by Rameshraj 2010-08-21 17:02:36

Tips to Save Fuel

1. Avoid sudden acceleration and drive smoothly, it will give you maximum mileage. So be little smooth on your right leg.
2. Do not drive with your leg on the clutch. It consumes more fuel and clutch plates also get worn out
3. While stopping at a traffic signal, if the waiting time is more than one minute, switch off the engine.
4. when driving above 80 or 90 kmph, its more fuel efficient to keep the windows closed and AC running, instead of AC off and windows open.
5. Regularly engine maintenance is a must. It can change your fuel efficiency up-to 20%
6. Use air conditioning only when you need it. It uses up-to 12% of extra fuel.
7. Change engine oil and air filters as described in your car’s manual.
8. Right pressures in all the tyres can also change your fuel efficiency. So make sure you have the pressure prescribed by the car company.
9. When starting a cold engine (lets say in the morning), don’t go high speed for first 30 seconds. Let it get warmed up first.
10. When driving at faster speeds, its always more fuel efficient to drive in highest gear.

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