Twitter Shortcuts and Commands

by sithurajkumar 2010-08-30 12:29:26

Twitter Shortcuts and Commands

Whether you are a Twitter maniac or an occasional tweeter, I am sure you’ll find the Twitter shortcuts helpful. I am not sure if this list is shortcuts is complete – that’s how many shortcuts I know – but maybe you know more Twitter shortcuts?

* ON: turns phone notifications on
* OFF: turns phone notifications off
* FOLLOW username: turns on notifications for a specific individual
* LEAVE username: turns off notifications for a specific individual
* D username: sends a private message to a specific individual
* @username: sends a public message to a specific individual; this message will archive in their replies tab, and be visible on your profile page
* WHOIS username: returns bio info for a Twitter member
* GET username: returns the last update from a specific individual
* FAVE username: marks the last update of a user as a favorite
* TRACK word: returns updates from the Twitter community containing the tracked word
* TRACKING: returns a list of words you’re tracking
* UNTRACK word: stops tracking a word
* UNTRACK all: stops tracking all words
* INVITE 4155225678: invites a friend via SMS/text message to join Twitter
* STATS: returns statistics

Twitter Shortcuts:
esc - input or search box focus or not, hide menu box or other list
Ctrl+Enter - send tweet
shortcuts below only work when input box or search box lose focus
a - add favorite
Shift+a - save or remove search result at search page
c - cancel for official retweet confirm dialog
d - delete tweet
e - official retweet
f - latest tweet on page
g - translate tweet (pbtweet/pbtweet+)
Shift+g - go to my read mark (pbtweet+)
h - refresh home page's timeline, not the whole page
Shift+h - show or hide help box
i - show Lists menu
l - oldest tweet on page
m - direct message to sb.
Shift+m - add or remove my read mark (pbtweet+)
n - next tweet (go up), when you reach the top of the timeline, use this shortcut to show official new tweets
o - show Trending Topics
p - previous tweet (go down), when you reach the bottom of the timeline, use this shortcut to get more tweets
Shift+p - move pin to my read mark (pbtweet+)
r - reply to sb.
Shift+r - reply to all
s - show Saved Searches
Shift+s - goto search box
t - retweet
Shift+t - change tabs at direct message or retweet page
u - show navigation menu
v - open links
y - yes for official retweet confirm dialog

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