Beauty Care For The Working Women

by sabitha 2010-09-01 12:38:17

A career woman is a very busy woman. She has not only to go to office and handle a lot of exacting chores but she has also to look after the household after her responsibilities at the desk are over. This leaves her with little time to look after herself and yet she needs to look neat and attractive in her place of work. What you require is to take one day off every week and reserve it for beautifying yourself. Make it Sunday when usually everyone has a holiday. This day should belong exclusively to you. Rest, relax and beautify yourself and see how the next day you will not only look more beautiful and attractive but be lighter and brighter both in body and spirit. This one day is not only meant to beautify you but it is also health-giving and prolongs your youthfulness. On this day be as 'lazy' as possible, stay in bed as long as you like and stay off the telephone because talking takes as much energy as working.

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During pregnancy time every women should take an regular diet which is followed by the doctor and take vitamin tablets properly, and the above given tips and suggestion is quite very helpful for every women who are at motherhood stage.