Beauty And Diet Tips During Pregnancy

by sabitha 2010-09-01 12:39:51

Pregnancy is nine months long and with proper preparation many of the ordinary discomforts and beauty problems of pregnancy can be avoided, giving a feeling of well being and great satisfaction. The inevitable result of bearing a child is that the infant draws upon the mother's reserves, thus making her undernourished, sickly and pale. To avoid this eat a nourishing diet. If the daily supplies of food are sufficient, the bones, teeth, hair, eyes, skin and the mother's other reserves will not be drawn upon and the infant will be properly supported on 'income' and not on mother's 'capital'.

A pregnant woman should daily take: at least four cups of milk; two or more fruits, one of which should be citrus; two or more vegetables, one of which should be deep green or yellow; one dish of potatoes;. one or more eggs; 250 gram or more of either meat, fish or poultry; three to four servings of either whole grain or bread; four tablespoons of butter; one multivitamin tablet; two calcium tablets and one fish liver oil capsule.

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This is the time while every women should be careful about her diet and eating habit use to change also follow properly the doctor tips and have to take medicine properly too.