Android Development - Use Eclipse

by rajesh 2009-12-30 08:51:43

Developing projects for mobile devices becomes easy with Android.
Android Developing can be done easily by installing ADT in Eclipse..


Developing In Eclipse, with ADT

The Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin for Eclipse adds powerful extensions to the Eclipse integrated development environment. It allows you to create and debug Android applications easier and faster.

- It gives you access to other Android development tools from inside the Eclipse IDE.
- It provides a New Project Wizard, which helps you quickly create and set up all of the basic files you'll need for a new Android application.
- It automates and simplifies the process of building your Android application.
- It provides an Android code editor that helps you write valid XML for your Android manifest and resource files.
- It will even export your project into a signed APK, which can be distributed to users.

To begin developing Android applications in the Eclipse IDE with ADT, you first need to download the Eclipse IDE and then download and install the ADT plugin.

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