Bjorn Borg

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Grand Slam Records
Won more Grand Slam titles in the Open Era (11) and more Wimbledons (5) than any player until Pete Sampras. This despite competing in the Australian Open only once, at the age of 17.

Won more French Championships (6) than any other male player in tennis history.
Won 4 consecutive French championships, an alltime record. His streak of 28 consecutive matches was broken, not by defeat, but by his subsequent absence and retirement.

Won more consecutive Wimbledons (5) than any man in the modern era. Only Willie Renshaw won more consecutive titles there (1881–86)— and in Renshaw's day, the defending champion played only one match, the Challenge Round. After the adoption of the present-day rules, Fred Perry established a record of three consecutive Wimbledons in 1932-34, until Borg equalled it in 1978. Borg's streak of 41 consecutive match wins at Wimbledon remains an alltime record. Sampras has come closest to this record with four consecutive Wimbledons in 1997-2000 (and 31 consecutive match wins).

Played in 6 consecutive Wimbledon finals, still a record since the abolition of the Challenge Round in 1922.

Played in 4 consecutive French finals, an Open-Era record.

Played in 16 Grand Slam finals, a record for the Open Era (and second in tennis history only to 17 by Rod Laver) until Ivan Lendl played in 19 (and Sampras in 1Cool

Won at least one Grand Slam title for 8 consecutive years (1974–1981), an alltime record. Only Sampras has matched this (1993–2000).

Defeated more players (9) in Grand Slam finals than any male player in history. Sampras was able also to tie this mark.

Won 11 Grand Slam titles out of 27 tournaments played, giving him a record 41% winning percentage for the Open Era.

In Grand Slam tournaments, his match record is 141–16, giving him an 89.8% winning percentage, better than any male player ever. The only other male players in the Open Era with winning percentages over 80% are Jimmy Connors (81.9%) and Ivan Lendl (81.8%).

His 11 Grand Slam titles put him fourth on the all-time list, tied with Laver, and behind Sampras (14) and Roy Emerson (12).

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