Excel Basics -Save a New File

by Rekha 2010-09-18 17:10:14

Excel Basics: Save a New File

Saving frequently, especially after major changes, is a very important practice you should pick up. Lucky for you, saving in Excel takes only a second and in time you'll probably be doing it without any thought!

1. Add some data to your currently blank spreadsheet
2. On the keyboard push Ctrl + S (press and hold the control key then push S key while still holding down control) to save your work!
3. If this is the first time saving the current file then you will be greeted with a Save As popup

4. At the bottom of this popup is a field labeled File name and currently contains the text "Book1.xls".

5. Before you press Save, pay attention to where you are saving your file to. The default location Excel saves to is the My Documents folder and we suggest you save there if you are not very comfortable with navigating the Windows File System.

Pushing Ctrl + S will just save your file after you have specified a filename in step 5. We recommend that you save your file at least every 5 minutes. It only takes a second and just think how happy you'll be if your computer crashes or the power goes out and you won't have to worry about losing information!

Remember, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S often!

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