Excel Basics -Undo Changes

by Rekha 2010-09-18 17:13:42

Excel Basics: Undo Changes

This could quite possible be the greatest invention man has ever created! The ability to undo a mistake without having to start over! If you're like me, you make more than your fair share of mistakes, especially early in the morning. In Excel there is a quick and easy shortcut to undo mistakes.

1. Make a bunch of mistake in your Excel spreadsheet (this may be easier for some)
2. Using the keyboard press Ctrl + Z (press and hold the control key and press the Z key while still holding down control)
3. Notice that your last change was just undone!
4. Continue to press Ctrl + Z until all your mistakes have been undone

For undoing a lot of mistakes just hold down the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z. Be careful though, it goes quite fast when you hold it down!

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