3 Types of Yoga exercise For Weight Loss

by sabitha 2010-09-20 15:15:45

Yoga is one of the best natural way to lose weight. The fact is doing so regularly will help you with many aspects of your health. Doing yoga exercise frequently will help to tone your body and improve flexibility. Yoga exercise will also helpful in stress and anxiety. It is wonderful for the overall health of your body.

1. Ashtanga Yoga: In this exercise, there are 75 poses in Ashtanga which take at least an hour and a half to complete. This is a very vigorous style of yoga that is both energetic and physical.

2. Power Yoga: As the name suggests this again is a style of yoga that involves lots of movement which helps to work your heart out. Power yoga is more of a western style and can vary from class to class.

3. Hot Yoga: In this yoga exercise, you have to sit in heated environment which really gets you sweating. If you are out of shape it would be wise to go with a beginner class. You do not want to over exert yourself right from the get go.

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