Apache Module mod_mime

by Suganya 2007-06-22 11:24:00

Apache Module mod_mime:

  mod_mime defines the types of files from the filename for association of handlers with files. It is the base module. mod_mime.c is the name of the source file. This module is used to determine all the information of the document i.e., it relates to the content of the document.

Module mod_mime contains a list of Directives such as :

    * AddCharset
    * AddEncoding
    * AddHandler
    * AddLanguage
    * AddType
    * DefaultLanguage
    * ForceType
    * RemoveEncoding
    * RemoveHandler
    * RemoveType
    * SetHandler
    * TypesConfig

  The directive AddCharset sets the character set, AddEncoding sets the content-encoding, AddHandler sets the handler, AddLanguage set the content-language and AddType sets MIME-type (content-type) of documents. These directives are used to map the file extensions onto the meta-information for that file.

  The directives ForceType and SetHandler are used to associated all the files in a given location (e.g., a particular directory) onto a particular MIME type or handler.

  The directive TypesConfig is used to specify a file which also maps extensions onto MIME types.

  The RemoveEncoding, RemoveHandler, RemoveType directives are used to removes any encodings, handlers and MIME types associations for files with the given extensions.

  The DefaultLanguage directive tells that all files in its own scope.

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