Firefox Tweeks Address bar as Search BOX

by Rekha 2010-09-24 17:32:29

Firefox Tweeks Address bar as Search BOX

If you use address bar as search box in Mozilla Firefox then you can skip to advance options!

Yes in Mozilla Firefox you can just type your search query in address bar and get the search results displayed to you!

By default, whenever you hit enter after typing anything in address bar (also called navigation bar/ URL bar), Firefox checks if entered string is valid address or not! If its valid address firefox tries to load corresponding site/page for you! (Note that here if site is down or you have misspelled address, it won’t get directed to search engine). If entered string is a invalid URL, it will be submitted to Google Search and searchresults are returned!

If its fine with you then its great but if you want to use Google Search with I am feeling option or want to use another search engine as default then read following steps to change defaults search engine or its parameter:

1. Type about:config in address bar of Mozilla Firefox. A page with lots of text and 4 columns will get displayed!
2. Type keyword.URL in filter box. The long list will be trimmed down to just one line!
3. Right-Click on that line and select modify option. A box will be displayed.
4. Enter any of the following string for corresponding search engine!
5. Changes will be reflected immediately with out any restart!

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