Panasonic Jungle Portable Video Game Console Announced

by bharathi 2010-10-05 19:18:43

Panasonic has just revealed their new video game console, the Jungle, which is a portable device which seems to be aimed towards MMO, Massively Multiplayer Online players. Early indications, and those who have tested the new gaming device have raved about it’s high definition graphics. Panasonic’s last foray into video games came about 17 years ago with their 3DO console. Can They fight their way into the console and portable gaming wars which already involve Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and in some ways, Apple, as well as other smart phone makers?

There are only vague details available on the Panasonic Jungle, but we do know that the screen will be HD capable, there is a full qwerty keyboard, and it is about the size of an average portable dvd player. Only 2 games have been announced thus far for the system. One is BattleStar Galactica which is an MMO, and than also a game which features some pretty amazing graphics, call Online Underground.

It seems as though in a crowded environment like video game consoles, you need something to stand out from the rest in order to succeed. Whether the high definition on the go, or the MMO niche will be enough for the Jungle, is yet to be seen. The Japanese company, however, certainly has the bank roll, as well as employees to produce something spectacular. Last year Panasonic, which employs over 290,000 people, had a net income of $4.4 billion, and owned assets worth approximately $64 billion.

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