Add Facebook Friends In Live Messenger For Chatting

by bharathi 2010-10-09 09:44:11

Live Messenger allows to add facebook friends, you can connect to your facebook account once and then you can update your facebook status directly from Live messenger, chat with your facebook friends, tag them in facebook photos, and comment on their facebook status updates too from the live messenger itself.

In order to add your facebook friends in live messenger, and also use it as desktop based facebook client, follow the procedure below.

1. Install and Run Live Messenger, in the bottom right of the live messenger window you will see option to add facebook to live messenger

2. Once you select to connect facebook, it will run a wizard in which it will ask several options related to facebook

3. Click the button connect to facebook, in new window opened up which will ask you for the facebook username and password

4. Once you have verified your connection to your facebook friends, you will see then in your friend list in live messenger and you can start chatting with them and can interact with them using live messenger interface.

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