Deepika Padukone's Style File

by bharathi 2010-10-22 19:00:58

My Style:

I generally don't believe in following fashion trends. I'll do it, if it suits me and my personality. I believe in being comfortable in what I'm wearing rather than trying to follow something I'm not comfortable in.
Personally, I just like wearing a pair of trousers, tee and my watch. I tie my hair up and I'm all set to go.

'Fav' Accessory:

It keeps changing. I remember a couple of years back it used to be rings. I couldn't do without rings. Now suddenly, I have this whole fascination for little balis and small earrings.

Most of the time I end up wearing a watch and no other accessory. I make sure that I have a watch for every occasion, with every outfit and every colour.


I don't believe in wearing too much make up. It's not my thing at all. I like to let my skin be and let it breathe. My normal make-up regime is pretty simple as on an everyday basis I don’t like wearing make-up.
On the days I'm working, I make sure that I take it off as soon as I'm done with the shoot.

Fitness Routine:

Leading a healthy lifestyle, eating good food, sleeping on time. It's very important to have some form of physical activity, play a sport or do yoga or something like that.

I don’t work out, a lot of people don’t believe me! I've been a sportsperson and I have age on my side. But I think I should start soon. Workouts are very important but I'm not someone who believes in killing herself in the gym.

'Fav' Designers

There's always Manish Malhotra who did my first film for me and he's fabulous with stage clothes. As for a grand evening he does some fantastic clothes.

I'm extremely fond of Tarun Tahiliani, then there is Shantanu & Nikhil, Gauri and Nainika...but then again designers keep changing their styles season to season.

Style Tip

Keep it clean and simple. Don't wear too much make-up. Even if it's a party look, you could probably wear a little more mascara or liner. But too much make up is definitely a no-no.

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