World Cup 2010 - Paul the Octopus dies

by bharathi 2010-10-26 18:41:39

Paul the Octopus, the cephalopod who became a global sensation after successfully predicting matches at the World Cup, has died peacefully in his sleep aged two.

Stefan Porwoll, general manager of the Oberhausen Sea Life centre in Germany - where Paul made his predictions - confirmed the news.

"He died last night, a peaceful and natural death," Porwoll said.

Paul, who was born in January 2008 in Weymouth, correctly predicted the winner of all seven of Germany's matches at this summer's World Cup in South Africa. He then correctly chose Spain over the Netherlands before the final.

Paul made his predictions by choosing between two feed boxes which bore the flags of the two nations involved in the next match.

Time and again his predictions came true, transforming him into a global sensation who attracted big-money transfer offers after the tournament.

Yet the Oberhausen Sea Life centre insisted on keeping their star attraction - and are now devastated at the news of his passing.

"We all loved him and we will all truly miss him," added Porwoll.

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