Simple Team Building Exercises in the Workplace

by Rekha 2010-11-03 12:49:42

Simple Team Building Exercises in the Workplace
These are some common team building exercises for communication, success and improved team performance.

* Conduct Employee Feedback Activities: Employee surveys and feedback activities are a great way of breaking the ice and encouraging the employees to speak freely. It makes the employees feel wanted and gives them an assurance of the fact that their opinions are valued.
* Promote Informal Addressing: Step out of the traditional formal way of employee-boss interaction and speak freely. This gives the employees a reassurance that you are one among them and not a corporate Hitler. This will work to your advantage as it will encourage open workplace communication, sharing of ideas, and will help to maintain healthy work relations.
* Organize a Day Trip: Reward your employees for the good work that they have done in the past by organizing a day trip. Encourage employees to bring along their spouses and children. It can be a welcome break from the daily work-related pressures and can help fellow employees and their bosses to interact, bond, and get to know each other better. This can, in many ways, translate into better returns at the workplace.
* Celebrate Each Other's Success: Learn to appreciate and acknowledge each other's efforts. Also, celebrate the success of a job well done or a project delivered well ahead of the deadline. This helps in wiping out any negativity and keeps the team united.
* Initiate Group Discussion Sessions: If you have a major project-related decision to make, which you are not very sure about, try asking your employees for their views on the subject. Have a group discussion on the matter and seek their suggestions and opinions. In any case, it will be you yourself who has the last word, but this particular gesture will promote teamwork, boost employee confidence and, once again, make them feel valued and wanted.

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