How to be Confident at Work - Workplace Ethics

by Rekha 2010-11-03 13:09:42

How to be Confident at Work - Workplace Ethics

Here are some pointers to help boost your level of self-confidence.

Find direction
Traveling without a map or proper directions can get you lost easily. Create a career map by listing the areas you feel you lack confidence in. This could include your fear of making presentations or your inability to make a quick recovery after you have made a mistake. This list will provide you with a better picture of what is dampening your confidence level, and it guides you when you make improvements. Also, start adopting a positive attitude. Replace the "cannots" with more "cans". Keep in mind that you have the power to choose and make decisions that can have a positive impact at work. You are not powerless to change things. Do not become too pressured to effect change immediately. If you are relaxed and focused, you will accomplish more. Remember, you should only compete with yourself.

Don't be shy
Say you have just joined the company, or have just been posted to a new department. How can you overcome your shyness and start making new friends? Shyness results because you focus too much on yourself, your fears and your insecurities. Therefore, start focusing on others instead. Find common ground. Show genuine interest in what your colleagues tell you; do not just nod mindlessly. Use the other person's name when you speak. This not only makes the conversation more personal, but it also helps you remember names more quickly. Finally, do not underestimate the power of a smile. A smile speaks volumes and makes you more approachable. Once your peers accept you, you will feel better about yourself.

Take risks
It may sound ironic, but taking risks actually boosts your self-confidence. You just have to adopt the right attitude at the beginning. Assume responsibility for the risk and have clear ideas about where you are heading. Having a positive attitude towards risk-taking is a good way to make great strides forward.

Do not fear criticism
Do not be caught up in the emotions brought on by criticism. Your confidence should not be hurt by inflated words like "always" or "never". Do not go into immediate denial or counter-attack mode. Instead, consider the source and decide if the person really has the expertise or knowledge to make his or her comments. If you decide that the words are not just empty accusations, look at it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Forget trying to control what others think of you. Instead, control what you can -- your own thoughts and feelings.

Dress right
If you are unsure about the colors to choose for your clothes, start safe and go with neutral and discreet tones. Wear colors that you feel suit you. Being comfortable with how you look often translates to being comfortable with who you are. And as you become more certain of yourself, you can spice up the look with a little color. Women can enhance their look with colorful scarves and accessories and men can get away with colorful ties.

Enjoy life
How you are at work is strongly influenced by how you are outside work. Away from work, pursue your interests passionately. Even if these passions are not related to your work, your enjoyment of life will reflect on your disposition when you are at work.

By Prerna Salla

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