T-Mobile announces its HSPA+ to be 4G

by Nithya 2010-11-09 21:25:37

T-Mobile announced that its network of HSPA+ to be 4G today and saying that it has the biggest 4G network of the nation.

T-Mobile is also planning a way beyond its recent 21mbps speeds, potentially increases to 168mbps in the near future. Launching the most important ad campaign, the company said that it had started their HSPA+ in six more metro places including Chicago. In addition, T-Mobile also launched a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook with HSPA+ included in it.

According to Neville Ray, the chief network officer of T-Mobile, by the year ends, they will have twice more coverage out there from anything approaching an aggressive WiMAX or LTE footprint. The meaning of 4G has been in argument, most recently because the worldwide body stimulating with locating wireless standards, the ITU, said that nothing being traded in the United States as 4G is really 4G.

That is why T-Mobile wants to make it clear that their HSPA+ is at least as quick as the 4G WiMax of Sprint. Ray also said that in the greater part of markets where WiMAX has really been launched, they were seeing the performance of their HSPA+ that frequently beats and matches the performance of other networks.

Furthermore, Ray added that 4G for T-Mobile is a network that is competent of bringing accurate high-speed performance with a backhaul of IP-capable. He also added that it rules out the latest HSPA+ network of AT&T.

Also, Ray state that the 14.4 is actually HSPA and not from the perspective of true HSPA+ network, beyond trash-talked, Ray set out the HSPA+'s future at T-Mobile. Next year, the consumers of T-Mobile will see several more 42mbps compatible gadgets and HSPA+ 21. The two HSPA+ phones of T-Mobile at present only support the level of 14.4mbps as its standard.

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