Microsoft plans to purchase Canesta

by Nithya 2010-11-09 21:32:37

Microsoft said on Friday that it plans to acquire Canesta, a small company in Silicon Valley that concentrates in the technology of gesture-recognition.

Moreover, the attention to this kind of technology has rose because it allows individuals to control computers and other gadgets through the movement of hands and other physical twists, the same fashion to the systems showed in the futuristic movies such as Minority Report.

In addition, Canesta creates chips that, when paired with a digital camera, give all way of devices a sense of depth awareness for the world around them, letting them notice in three proportions. Neither company revealed how much is the soon-to-be acquisition.

On the other hand, Microsoft will start to ship the Kinect, a $150 add-on for the gaming consoles of Xbox, next month, which employs gesture recognition to let individuals to play games with their body motions instead of using controllers.

Furthermore, players tap through the menus with the waves of their hands and then move to create their avatars on-screen to dance, swing, duck, run and jump. The Kinect’s 3-D Technology was provided by PrimeSense, a competitor of Canesta.

In a current interview, the chief executive of Microsoft, Steven A. Ballmer, said that he is excited to be ultramodern in front and they want to push the pedal on that. He also discussed the plans of the company to improve the technology of gesture recognition well beyond their video games.

Using the technology of Canesta, Microsoft and its partners can provide personal computers, cell phones, televisions, cars and other gadgets with the technology of gesture recognition. Also, Canesta has spent 11 years to build the chips that process pictures and details about distances to give gadgets some 3-D vigor.

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